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Bunny tarot

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  • Bunny tarot

For all witches with bunny familiars, or simply all bunny lovers with interest in the cartomancy, this full, complete tarot, with 78 bunny themed rounded edge cards is great for you! Based on the 1910’s first published Rider Waite tarot and the 15th Century Marseille Tarot, this deck is conformed by 22 major arcanas and 56 minor arcanas (Swords, Wands, Coins/pentacles and cups) all full colored, pastel, bunny themed, printed.

If you are a tarot novice, you can make quick three card readings using the 22 bunny major arcanas, or if you are a tarot expert, you can use the full deck.

This hight quality printed tarot with matte varnished finish, comes 12cm tall // 7cm width (4.7 inches tall/ 3.1 inches width) The deck will also include a soft, flexible, cigar style, bunny themed card box, ideal to keep your deck.